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  • Časové pásmo: America/Toronto
  • Datum: Čvn 21 - 22 2023
  • Čas: Celý den


Čvn 21 - 22 2023


Celý den



CyberSec Forum/Expo

1/ Make valuable contacts in the IT industry, including new partners, customers and investors

CYBERSEC is a special place for meeting with leading companies representatives, media and IT-related professionals. In the EXPO area you will make a deal with a new IT service provider or get a financial support to develop your project. 

3/ Prepare your company for cyberattacks. Respond to threats. 

It takes 197 days to identify a data leak and another 69 days to stop it. FORUM/EXPO gives you a space for individual consultations and opportunity to learn about the services from the best companies so you can take care of your companys security. 

5/ Your voice matters. Establish relationships with policy makers.

CYBERSEC is a unique opportunity to interact directly with politicians responsible for cybersecurity regulations. Pay attention to cyber issues and check out the latest legislative developments in the field.  

2/ Learn about cybersecurity trends. Use tips from top experts to effectively adopt the newest industry standards   

 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Only 14% of them is capable of self-defense. Get recommendations, know which solutions are the most effective today and how you can implement them to your company. .    

4/ Find effective tools to counter cyberattacks. Create a successful response plan.

2 days of the CYBERSEC FORUM/EXPO also include 5 workshop formats, lectures, as well as startups and scaleups presentations with their pioneering solutions 

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